As India Assumes G20 Presidency Today, 100 ASI Sites to Be Lit Up; PM Says ‘Will Work to Promote Oneness’

India’s G20 presidency starts on Thursday with a focal point on cohesion within a disparate grouping to address international challenges consisting of a monetary slowdown, indebtedness of nations and the climate crisis.

As India Assumes G20 Presidency Today, 100 ASI Sites to Be Lit Up; PM Says ‘Will Work to Promote Oneness'(Image by News18)

Hundred centrally covered monuments, inclusive of UNESCO international historical past sites spread throughout the United States of America, may be lit up for a week to mark the event and undergo the G20 emblem starting December 1.

Humayun’s Tomb and Purana Quila in Delhi to Modhera Sun Temple in Gujarat, and Konark Sun Temple in Odisha to Sher Shah Suri’s Tomb in Bihar, are within the list of those a hundred web sites.

The White House stated that the United States is asking ahead to supporting India’s G-20 presidency subsequent yr.

“We look forward to assisting India’s G20 presidency next yr on quite a number of problems, consisting of addressing modern food and energy protection challenges whilst persevering with our efforts to construct a resilient international economy,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters at her everyday news conference.

“As you’ve visible, the President has attended, has been collaborating within the G-20 in his tenure right here. Don’t have whatever particular to announce or any specifics to announce on tour,” she said while requested about a presidential tour to India next year.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India will paintings to sell oneness, stimulated with the aid of the topic of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future.’ He also stated that the sector faces greatest challenges inside the shape of terror, climate exchange and pandemic and can be excellent fought together.As India assumes the yearlong Presidency, more than 200 meetings might be held in India throughout fifty five places.

The first assembly of G20 may be held within the first week of December in Udaipur when the G20 Sherpa meet will take region.

There are forty cultural and herbal websites in overall in India which have UNESCO World Heritage Site reputation, and maximum of the cultural sites are beneath the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

“The G20 Presidency shall be held with the aid of lndia from December 1 onwards for 365 days time period. High-stage dignitaries and delegates will be touring numerous centrally-covered monuments. Lt has been determined by the Government of lndia to utilise this opportunity to highlight our monuments as a part of logo and and publicity plan of G20 at ASI blanketed monuments and sites with unique attention on sites in the UNESCO World Heritage list,” reads a memorandum issued lately by means of the ASI.

Other sites on the way to be illuminated include Metcalfe Hall and Currency Building in Kolkata, Nalanda university ruins and historic structures and other monuments at Rajgir in Bihar, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Church of Lady of Rosary in Goa, Tipu Sultan’s Palace and the Gol Gumbaz in Karnataka, and Sanchi Buddhist monuments and Gawlior Fort in Madhya Pradesh.

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