Is Apple TV 4K (2022) really worth buying at Rs 14,900?

Apple TV, for me, has continually been an over-hyped device. I imply, do you really want to pay close to Rs 15,000 for a streaming device, while you can likely get an Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast for half of the price? It became a main motive why I in no way considered buying an Apple TV nor did I get a chance to apply it. This is in spite of the truth that I am frequently a part of the Apple surroundings. But, a week with the Apple TV 4K (2022) and I see why human beings are always so enthusiastic about it.

Is Apple TV 4K (2022) really worth buying at Rs 14,900?

My reasons might be one of a kind from what you have got study or heard at other places. For better expertise, permit me give you a few context — I very own two Android TVs, get a gaggle of them to review and my biggest criticism with every of them is a laggy software program experience. The cursor gets caught randomly. Apps can take mins to load. And, there are frequent audio and video lags all through playback, specially whilst going for walks greater superior video formats like Dolby Vision.

The trouble is not restricted to the entry-stage clever TVs. I actually have faced it across rate factors and types. This is one in all the largest problems Apple TV fixed for me. I will get to it in a piece, however, first allow me address something which virtually surprised me – the dimensions of this streaming field.

How lots can you pay for peace?
The Apple TV is a outstanding streaming field. It is smooth, powerful, seamless and destiny-geared up. I had lots of fun using it. I am positive maximum of you may too. But, it’s nevertheless one of the maximum expensive streaming devices within the marketplace, which makes me wonder – who is it for?

A complicated but now not so difficult query to answer – all people who nonetheless loves to circulation greater on a clever TV than a tablet or cellphone and appreciates a fluid looking revel in. There might be very few who fall on this category due to the fact we often have a tendency to make compromises in terms of looking content at domestic. Partially due to the fact the streaming services are getting steeply-priced and also because maximum clever TVs see a drop in performance after non-stop usage.

So, in case you are facing issues together with your modern 4K smart TV or are still caught with an old HD tv, then it makes greater feel to spend Rs 15,000 on Apple TV (4K) as an alternative of buying a new TV altogether.

Tip – Just if you plan to play a variety of games, cross for the 128GB garage version.

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