Is your Rs 500 observe unique? Beware of faux messages, test those functions to keep away from being duped

Original Rs 500 observe functions: A message circulating on social media is claiming the ones Rs 500 foreign money notes are faux that have inexperienced strips close to Gandhiji in place of the RBI Governor’s signature. However, it’s far a faux declare as RBI says each sorts of foreign money notes are valid.

The Government’s reputable reality-checker, PIB Fact Check, alerted human beings against the faux news circulating on social media. It stated in a tweet that as in line with RBI, all notes having a green strip near Gandhiji or close to RBI’s signature are valid.

What RBI says
As consistent with RBI, the Rs 500 denomination banknotes within the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series undergo the signature of the Governor, Reserve Bank of India.

The word additionally has the motif of “Red Fort” on the reverse, depicting the country’s cultural heritage. While the base colour of the word is stone gray, it additionally has other designs and geometric patterns aligning with the overall color scheme, each on the obverse and opposite.

How to discover faux Rs 500 notes: Check key capabilities of authentic notes
Following are some features of the original Rs 500 notes, in step with RBI. A currency be aware of Rs 500 now not having any of the following features would be faux. Therefore, you can without difficulty perceive a fake Rs 500 note via checking whether it has the subsequent features:

Is your Rs 500 observe unique? Beware of faux messages, test those functions to keep away from being duped

Size: The legitimate length of the unique Rs 500 notice is 66 mm x one hundred fifty mm.

Obverse Features

See thru sign up with denominational numeral 500
Latent photograph with denominational numeral 500
Denominational numeral ५00 in Devnagri.
Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the center.
Micro letters ‘भारत’ and ‘India’
Colour shift windowed protection chance with inscriptions ‘भारत’ and ‘RBI’. The Colour of the thread modifications from inexperienced to blue when the word is tilted.
Guarantee clause, Governor’s signature with promise Clause and RBI brand towards proper of Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait.
Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait and electrotype (500) watermarks
Number panel with numerals in ascending font at the top left aspect and backside proper side
Denominational numeral with Rupee Symbol in (₹500) in colour converting ink (inexperienced to blue) on bottom proper
Ashoka pillar logo on the proper

Features for the visually impaired

Intaglio or raised printing of Mahatma Gandhi portrait (four) Ashika pillar logo (11) round identification mark with microtext ₹500 on the right, five angular bleed lines of each the left and right facets.
Reverse functions

Year of printing of the notice on the left
Swachh Bharat emblem with slogan
Language panel
Motif of Red Fort
Denominational numeral ५00 in Devnagri.

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