Lost your SBI ATM card? Here are 6 exceptional methods to block your SBI debit card

Customers of the State Bank of India (SBI) can restrict their SBI ATM/debit card using numerous centers being offered via the bank. If you’re an SBI bank customer and someway your ATM-cum-Debit Card has been lost or out of place, you may use numerous manners to block it.

Lost your SBI ATM card? Here are 6 exceptional methods to block your SBI debit card

Ere are 6 extraordinary ways to block your SBI debit card

  1. Through SMS – By texting “BLOCKXXXX” to 567676 from the registered mobile phone number (XXXX is the remaining four-digits of Card Card).
  2. Through a 24 x 7 helpline (1800-eleven-22-11/1800-425-3800/+9180-26599990) – The Contact Center will ask for certain details about the cardholder earlier than proscribing the Card to guarantee that it isn’t always used fraudulently through anyone.
  3. Through SBI Quick mobile utility – The choice “ATM cum Debit Card” can be used to block the card. The cardholder should only use their registered cell number to get admission to the SBI Quick mobile application. The cardholder will need the very last 4 digits of Card to dam it.
  4. Through SBI Anywhere cellular programs – Card can be blocked through choosing “Debit Card Hot listing” from the ‘Services’ menu at the publish-login page and following the on-display screen instructions. Card also can be disabled the use of the “Card Blocking” option at the pre-login display.
  5. Through Internet Banking – If the cardholder uses net banking, the cardboard may be restricted. The characteristic can be found beneath submit-login >> e-services >> ATM Card Services >> Stop using your ATM card. To end blocking your CardCard, undergo the menu alternatives.
  6. Through SBI Branch – You may want to bring a formal request to any SBI department to have your misplaced or stolen Card blocked.

How to manage your ATM-cum-Debit usage capability?

  • Your Card has a pre-set restrict for buy transactions (i.E., in stores or on line) as well as coins withdrawal limits at ATMs. Through internet banking (Post login >> e-offerings >> ATM Card Services), you could pick your channel-sensible (i.E., to be used at ATMs, merchant institutions, and over the net) usage limit (Only below the pre-set limit is authorized).
  • Your Card whilst acquired can be used at any channel (i.E., for utilization at ATMs, service provider institutions and over on-line). However, Bank is offering you the choice for disabling/enabling channel (i.E., for usage at ATMs, service provider establishments and over online) of usage based totally in your requirement through net banking (Post login >> e-services >> ATM Card Services) and through SBI Quick mobile application using option “ATM cum Debit Card”.
  • Your Card whilst obtained can be used for domestic and worldwide transactions (applicable simplest for international Card editions). However, Bank is offering you the choice for disabling/allowing use mode (i.E., home or worldwide) primarily based to your requirement thru internet banking (Post login >> e-services >> ATM Card Services) and through SBI Quick cellular software the usage of choice “ATM cum Debit Card”.

Some of the centers are also available through SMS, seek advice from the welcome letter sent alongside Card. The above centers can also be availed via giving a written request at any nearest SBI Branch with a provider charge.

Important points to note to your ATM card

Keep a separate observe of the Card quantity and the account number in a place where you may effortlessly discover it. If the Card is misplaced, forgotten, or stolen, block it proper away. Card blockading protects the cardholder from unauthorised usage of the card. Any of the subsequent channels can be used to block the card

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