Soul bound tokens and their use cases

Blockchain and its manifestations will attain the not unusual human beings only if positive ordinary practical answers are addressed correctly using this dispensed virtual ledger. With one of the maximum practical dimensions of blockchain being delivered into the equation of Government techniques, you will login for your Government internet site to record your taxes and it’ll ask you for your national ID inside the shape of a Soulbound Token that they issued and ask you to authenticate using your preference of pockets. This is the most probable situation by using 2025. The time period ‘Soulbound token’ might sound like a combination of cult, sci-fi and economics. It is, but, one of the most exciting dimensions of blockchain!

So how did we get right here from early days of NFT implementations like Colored Coins, Digital Cats and Ape JPGs? To unravel this, we are able to want to get into a bit of a history! It’s exciting to retrospect how certain trivial coincidences can shape a few crucial factors of the future! This is precisely what happened with Vitalik Buterin, the writer of Ethereum, being a World of Warcraft gamer.

In the wildly famous recreation World of Warcraft, low stage gamers were ‘twinking’ items like armour and weapons that have been manner above their magnificence from their higher stage pals and guildmates. To stop this, WoW created the concept of Soulbound which registers an item to that participant completely and might by no means be transferred. It is written into the player’s soul. Vitalik, being a WoW gamer, brought Soulbound Token (SBT) into Web3.0 along side E. Glen Weyl and Puja Ohlhaver in May 2022.

Bitcoin gave us the Blockchain generation framework, an immutable disbursed ledger generation. This is what gave way to many industrial applications and to even what we see many significant banks now undertake to carry us Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). As the blockchain enterprise multiplied, DeFi and NFTs took middle stage. NFTs gave upward thrust to virtual collectibles to now emerge as Non-Fungible and feature inherent collectible fee. From SBT, became born the actual global application of blockchain in the direction of unique and non-transferable use cases. Identity and Awards.
Soulbound tokens open up an countless array of possibilities to converge the dependability of blockchain and the goodness of private attributability. Come to think about it, any report that has its affiliation with the ‘soul’ or the ‘individuality’ of a person may be gift as a SBT. This could encompass however no longer be restrained to training certificate, task programs, and even fitness records.

While many NFT communities and Crypto Exchanges experimented with SoulBound Tokens, it changed into first issued through TN IW CID of Indian Government as a Digital Medals to their Policemen who had accomplished brilliant feats. This become the end result of India’s maximum technologically bold Director General of Police Dr K Jayanth Murali IPS and GuardianLink, an NFT surroundings agency working to make web3.0 mainstream in India. Possibilities are being explored, operating with a consortium of engineering and medical schools throughout the united states to permit them to award various meritorious achievements or even their levels as SBTs as early as June 2023.

While this is the adoption going on in India, somewhere else MetaMask, Cobo and Gnosis DAO have teamed up for a soulbound token implementation called “Evolution” in which its users can create a digital identity for themselves. In a digital-first global, the ‘identification’ can not come up with the money for to be ‘bodily first’. Soulbound Tokens have all of the credentials it takes to authenticate a person in the virtual realm aka the metaverse.

Binance, one of the international’s biggest crypto exchanges has additionally released Binance Account Bound (BAB) token which is their implementation of Soulbound idea on Binance SmartChain if you want to function because the unique identifier for Binance customers who would love to apply any decentralized wallets but still trade the use of their unique KYCed identification on Binance.

Governments can be issuing countrywide IDs, Educational institutions their tiers or even companies their Employee of the Month Awards in SBTs. This in flip will make the processing of social welfare or a background check for recruitment, absolutely seamless. SBTs are the most institutionally beneficial element

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