Uzbekistan troubles crypto licenses to 2 locals ‘crypto shops’

The Uzbek regulators have started issuing regulatory approvals to nearby cryptocurrency provider carriers as they get geared up for the United States of America to undertake a new cryptocurrency framework in 2023, as said by means of Cointelegraph.

Uzbekistan troubles crypto licenses to 2 locals ‘crypto shops’

Cointelegraph further cited that according to a assertion made public on November 17, Uzbekistan’s primary cryptocurrency market regulator, the National Agency for Perspective Projects (NAPP), has granted the u. S.’s first cryptocurrency licenses.

The licences formally allow “cryptocurrency shops,” including Crypto Trade NET LLC and Crypto Market LLC, to offer offerings related to cryptocurrencies.

Cointelegraph noted that both Crypto Trade NET and Crypto Market are primarily based in Tashkent, consistent with facts from the NAPP’s electronic licence sign in. The statistics additionally lists Kamolitdin Nuritdinov as the only founder and shareholder of the Crypto Market. The sole founder and shareholder of Crypto Trade NET is Behzod Achilov.

According to the assertion, the NAPP has granted licences to the 2 companies in accordance with the presidential decree that hooked up recommendations for the stream of virtual belongings in Uzbekistan and was issued in April 2022, Cointelegraph stated.

The maximum latest licenses coincide with Uzbekistan’s lively preparations to adopt a new regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies in a few months. Beginning on January 1, 2023, the Uzbek authorities will handily allow accepted cryptocurrency groups to provide services to Uzbek residents.

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